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25 OCT 2023. Latvian fashion brand Nolo presented its new exquisite "Kyoto Garden" collection at the cultural and entertainment center Hanzas Perons during the 37th Riga Fashion Week

The Nolo collection for this year draws inspiration from the enchanting Kyoto Garden in London. Known for its serene ambiance, the garden offers a picturesque Japanese-style landscape that is ideal for moments of tranquility and rejuvenation. Renowned Japanese designer Shoji Nakahara, who leads the Kyoto Garden Association, skillfully crafted this garden with vibrant plants, shrubs, and captivating water features.

Here are photographs from the Nolo fashion show, that beautifully captured the “Kyoto Garden” collection at the 37th Riga Fashion Week. These images were taken with a Sony Alpha 7 III mirrorless camera and a Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS lens.

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About Latvian fashion brand Nolo

Founded in 2012 by Viktorija Joniene, Nolo has evolved into a successful and recognizable brand not only in Latvia but also across the Baltic States. The brand regularly participates in fashion weeks and has garnered numerous awards from the Latvian Style and Fashion Academy.

The creative director, Viktorija Joniene, has been honored as Latvia’s designer of the year three times

Presently, Nolo is expanding its markets with its designs showcased in showrooms in Milan and Hong Kong and sold in trendy stores globally.

The company boasts its production facilities in Riga, outfitted with advanced technology and energy-efficient equipment. Over 20 skilled seamstresses, constructors, and technologists collaborate to create Nolo garments. This setup enables the company to monitor quality and uphold high standards consistently.

Nolo "Kyoto Garden" fashion show at the 37th Riga Fashion Week

A moment from the Nolo fashion show featuring the new collection “Kyoto Garden” at the 37th Riga Fashion Week.

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As Viktorija states: “Our production is our pride, we don’t resort to cheap labor like fast-fashion companies”

Nolo ensures excellent working conditions for our employees, offers competitive salaries, and dutifully pays all taxes. Nolo designs often surpass contemporary trends and maintain a fashion-forward edge for several seasons post-purchase. In 2021, Nolo introduced two sub-brands: Nolo Home, offering a range of cozy, aesthetically pleasing comfort wear and home textiles; and Nolo Golf, featuring advanced sportswear.

Nolo philosophy is straightforward – prioritize quality over quantity. Don’t be swayed by fleeting trends that come and go. Instead, assess the durability and composition of the fabric. Moreover, consider the ethical implications behind your clothing choices, such as ensuring fair working conditions and avoiding child labor, as well as considering the energy costs of the items in your wardrobe. At Nolo, firmly believe that their clothes reflect who they are.

Fashion Channel: Nolo fashion show featuring new collection “Kyoto Garden,” fall 2024 Riga full show.

About 37th Riga Fashion Week

The 37th Riga Fashion Week, themed “Fashion as Art,” drew inspiration from the genuine essence of metamodernism. Art was the primary guiding theme for this season. The fashion week featured runway shows by Latvian and international designers at Hanzas Perons, Zunda Towers, and Eviart Gallery. In addition to the fashion shows, there were exhibitions and seminars tailored for industry professionals. Furthermore, various thematic events were scheduled to occur.

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