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24 OCT 2023. Latvian fashion brands and designers, in collaboration with the Stockmann department store, presented their collections at the cultural and entertainment center Hanzas Perons during the 37th Riga Fashion Week

The special autumn fashion showcase, Stockmann X, took place on the main stage of Riga Fashion Week at Hanzas Perons. It was part of a collaboration between renowned Latvian designers Pixie Won’t Play, Anna Led, Guna Nabare, Una Bērziņa, and Cinnamon Concept with the Stockmann department store. The show was curated by Sintija Selicka-Užane, one of Latvia’s leading stylists and fashion bloggers.

Here are photographs from the Stockmann X fashion show, that beautifully captured the autumn collection at the 37th Riga Fashion Week. These images were taken with a Sony Alpha 7 III mirrorless camera and a Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS lens.

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About Stockmann brand and Latvian designers

Stockmann – Established in 1862, Stockmann offers a comprehensive range of products including the latest fashion trends, contemporary cosmetics, renowned Finnish design, souvenirs, and much more.

The largest department store in Northern Europe

The flagship Stockmann store, located in the heart of Helsinki, spans over 50,000 square meters across ten floors. Six additional Stockmann department stores are situated in Finland’s major cities. Local branches can also be found in Tallinn, Estonia, and Riga, Latvia. All are renowned for their exceptional customer service and extensive product range.

Pixie Won’t Play – PIXIE focuses on creating clothing designed to be durable and long-lasting, prioritizing quality and value over quantity. The brand promotes the concept of a capsule collection, aiming to combat overconsumption by offering essential pieces that can be worn for a lifetime. This approach not only adds durability to PIXIE garments but also encourages customers to appreciate and cherish their clothing for years to come.

ANNA LED – The unique style, distinguished design, and delicate intellectuality make this brand’s products unmistakable. Each collection is enhanced with handmade laces, designer prints, batiks, and original accessories – all adding to the unique ‘know-how’ of the brand’s founder, Ms. Anna Ledskalnina.

The brand is renowned for its innovative use of knitwear, which forms the foundation of each new collection

This includes full-bodied fabric, fine textures painted using the batik technique, a blend of silk fibers and coarse linen, and fine wool. Linen, a favorite among fashion designers, has become one of the defining symbols for ANNA LED. The apparel by ANNA LED has claimed its place in the wardrobes of modern city dwellers, gaining new and remarkable recognition.

Stockmann X: A showcase of Latvian designers at Hanzas Perons

A moment from the Stockmann X fashion show with designers Pixie Won’t Play, Anna Led, Guna Nabare, Una Bērziņa, Cinnamon Concept, and curator Sintija Selicka-Užane at the 37th Riga Fashion Week.

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Guna Nebare – A visionary designer known for her boundary-breaking creations in the realm of resort wear. Inspired by historical peasant wear and driven by a love for nature, Nebare incorporates raw, natural fabrics and adopts low-waste production methods in her timeless collections. Her designs beautifully capture the spirit of summer, combining simplicity and craftsmanship to create poetic pieces that effortlessly captivate the soul.

Una Bērziņa – The brand wich appeals to individuals who are strong and confident, seeking to connect with the world. Its designs feature clean lines and silhouettes infused with an artistic sense of freedom. Graphics, voluminous elements, intricate details, and unique fabrics are incorporated. The brand embraces femininity without overtly sexual connotations. Handcrafted techniques such as embroidery and fabric manipulation result in impeccable finishes that exude beauty both internally and externally.

Cinnamon Concept – The rich, warm, and vibrant element that symbolizes a joyful celebration of genuine moments. It is also an ethical knitwear brand that prioritizes sustainability. They collaborate with a small local factory, which happens to be one of the oldest in the region. This factory utilizes decades of skills and knowledge to produce modern clothing using premium materials.

About 37th Riga Fashion Week

The 37th Riga Fashion Week, themed “Fashion as Art,” drew inspiration from the genuine essence of metamodernism. Art was the primary guiding theme for this season. The fashion week featured runway shows by Latvian and international designers at Hanzas Perons, Zunda Towers, and Eviart Gallery. In addition to the fashion shows, there were exhibitions and seminars tailored for industry professionals. Furthermore, various thematic events were scheduled to occur.

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