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23 OCT 2023. Marina Fedan presented her latest avant-garde womenswear collection "Megapolis," with a fantastic fashion show that embodied beauty and timelessness at Zunda Towers during the 37th Riga Fashion Week

The collection by designer Marina Fedan is inspired by the modern metropolis, capturing its spirit and style. It incorporates elements like strict lines and folds that evoke images of endless staircases, showcasing how fashion and architecture mirror urban culture. This interplay is particularly evident in cities like New York, Tokyo, and London, where fashion is a key form of self-expression.

Here are photographs from the Marina Fedan fashion show, that beautifully captured the “Megapolis” collection at the 37th Riga Fashion Week. These images were taken with a Sony Alpha 7 III mirrorless camera and a Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS lens.

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About the brand and designer Marina Fedan

Marina Fedan brand is a timeless avant-garde womenswear label that resonates with the enduring nature of an artist’s painting and the permanence of architecture. It reflects elements of art and architecture, weaving echoes of the past and present into products that dwell in the realm of beauty.

The brand’s DNA embodies a form and aesthetic that captures the essence of timelessness, compelling one to pause and reflect

The brand products embody a profound philosophy. Each item is a masterpiece with its own name and distinct semantic imagery. Owners of these products are fortunate individuals who resonate with the art and architecture philosophy that each piece expresses.

Marina Fedan mission is to create beauty and timelessness in art and architecture. When wearing the clothes of this brand, customers can experience the essence of the works of historical and contemporary artists with designs that reflect pictorial or architectural masterpieces.

Marina Fedan: "Megapolis" collection presentation at Zunda Towers

A moment from the Marina Fedan new collection “Megapolis” fashion show at the 37th Riga Fashion Week.

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Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of this product are allocated to building schools in countries where children lack access to basic education

Twenty percent of the proceeds from the sale of goods are donated to the Art & Fashion Foundation, which organizes free exhibitions. These exhibitions showcase works of art and paintings, even in economically disadvantaged countries, allowing people to experience timeless beauty. They also provide knowledge about artists whose legacies endure beyond their lifetimes.

The brand’s products, crafted from nano and eco-friendly materials, maintain their original quality over many years without harming the environment.

Fashion Channel: Marina Fedan fashion show featuring new collection “Megapolis,” spring 2024 Riga full show.

About 37th Riga Fashion Week

The 37th Riga Fashion Week, themed “Fashion as Art,” drew inspiration from the genuine essence of metamodernism. Art was the primary guiding theme for this season. The fashion week featured runway shows by Latvian and international designers at Hanzas Perons, Zunda Towers, and Eviart Gallery. In addition to the fashion shows, there were exhibitions and seminars tailored for industry professionals. Furthermore, various thematic events were scheduled to occur.

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Other fashion events

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