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23 OCT 2023. Agne Kuzmickaite from Lithuania presents her new collection, inspired by the sketching process, at Zunda Towers, Raņķa Dambis 30 during the 37th Riga Fashion Week

Agne Kuzmickaite is a renowned Lithuanian clothing designer who has participated in numerous international fashion events. She has showcased her collections at fashion weeks in Paris, London, Berlin, Kyiv, Riga, and other cities. Her fashion shows are highly praised for their uniqueness and creativity, which was also confirmed at her recent fashion show.

Here are photographs from the Agne Kuzmickaite fashion show, that beautifully captured the new collection at the 37th Riga Fashion Week. These images were taken with a Sony Alpha 7 III mirrorless camera and a Sony FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM OSS lens.

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About Lithuania designer Agne Kuzmickaite

Agne Kuzmickaite is one of the most famous Lithuanian fashion designers, known for her avant-garde and conceptual designs. She has gained international recognition for her unique and artistic approach to fashion, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative techniques.

She often challenges conventional ideas of beauty and pushes the boundaries of fashion

Born in Lithuania, Agne Kuzmickaite studied fashion design at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. After completing her studies, she launched her eponymous brand in 2009. Since then, she has showcased her collections at various international fashion weeks, including those in Paris, London, Berlin, Kyiv, and Riga.

In addition to her fashion line, Agne Kuzmickaite has collaborated with other artists and designers on various projects. She has worked on costume design for theater productions and has partnered with photographers and filmmakers to create visual installations.

Each season, she presents a new collection for the “daily life princess” – a woman who plays many different roles in society and seeks the best way to combine all her duties with her desires

Agne Kuzmickaite’s designs have been featured in numerous fashion publications such as VOGUE, Marie Claire, ELLE, and L’Officiel, and have been worn by celebrities and influencers around the world. Her work has received critical acclaim for its innovation and artistic expression.

Agne Kuzmickaite new collection fashion show at Zunda Towers

A moment from Agne Kuzmickaite new collection fashion show at the 37th Riga Fashion Week.

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About 37th Riga Fashion Week

The 37th Riga Fashion Week, themed “Fashion as Art,” drew inspiration from the genuine essence of metamodernism. Art was the primary guiding theme for this season. The fashion week featured runway shows by Latvian and international designers at Hanzas Perons, Zunda Towers, and Eviart Gallery. In addition to the fashion shows, there were exhibitions and seminars tailored for industry professionals. Furthermore, various thematic events were scheduled to occur.

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Other fashion events

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